About us

I have always felt inspired by world beauty Art, people's relationships, plants, interior design. Windows gives me this unique opportunity and have become my plan. Thanks to them, at any moment, from anywhere, we can admire everything that surrounds us, and from the outside. As the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so for the house, it is them, the windows, that perform this function.

I am not a minimalist - I love playing with colour, style and textures. Hence, I expanded my visions with unique blinds. They give a new character to the interiors of our asylum in the blink of an eye. As a dreamer, I had to look for the perfect balance for the best technical solutions, solid materials, the best assembly systems.


I will introduce you to the world of beautiful details that will warm the decor of your windows and thus emphasize the style of the entire interior.


will take care of the best and practical solutions in the selection of roller shutters and blinds, professionally installing them.