Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden blinds are made of high quality wood. Wood of the best quality is treated appropriately, to create stylish and highly aesthetic blackout systems. An ideal solution for those who prefer natural look and care about ecology.

We provide wooden blinds in a wide range of colours. Such a variety of choice allows to perfectly fit wooden blinds to different interiors. Certainly, they fit both classical arrangement as well as minimalist, modern interiors.

Wooden blinds are characterized by:

  • natural look thanks to the use of the best types of wood
  • ecology
  • Adjustable light filtering
  • unique character

Wooden blinds are available in two sizes: 25mm and 50mm.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminum blinds have a special place in our offer. They are a functional, modern and tasteful way to decorate a window. They allow you to perfectly adjust light filtering in the rooms, as well as provide privacy without restricting the access of light from the outside. Aluminum blinds are offered in up to 40 colors, making it easy to choose a product perfectly matched to the decor of your interiors. We can recommend durable and reliable retro blinds to the traditionalists, and one of the most interesting products on the market - perforated blinds – to those who like modern design.

Aluminum blinds will fit perfectly to the wooden windows, as well as PVC and aluminum ones. They can be used as a window treatment in the office and at home. They are not only functional covering, but also a stylish element that will give the room a special character. An important advantage of aluminum blinds is their durability - they are resistant to impact of external factors and the passage of time. They are available in two sizes: 25mm and 50mm.

Pleated Fabric Blinds

Pleated blinds are the most versatile window covering in our offer. Modern design, wide range of fabrics and colours of mechanisms. Pleats effectively cover any part of the window thanks to the possibility of controlling the upper and lower system separately. They fit all types of windows, also those with unusual shapes.

It is possible to apply interesting solutions, eg. two fabrics in one mechanism, two separate systems mounted on one window, or fabric duo - giving the effect of full blackout. Fully raised, pleated blinds are compact, giving you a clear view. They are easy to clean, because they are washable.

Vertical Blinds

Attractive vertical blinds are a functional and comfortable solution for offices, houses, hotels and other rooms, especially in public utility buildings.

Our collection, which includes a wide range of fabric patterns and colors allows for the most sophisticated interior arrangements.

Cassette Roller Blinds

Roller blind with cassette and guide made of aluminum or PVC. A small and delicately decorated box is an elegant addition to the window. The self-locking mechanism allows you to control the blind. These blinds mask the clearances and are fitted in the window frame. While the cassette protects the fabric against possible dirt. The aesthetic appearance and careful finish harmonize wonderfully with the window and fulfill not only personal covers, but also decorative ones.

The same blinds can occur without cassette, can be just roller blind if somebody prefer.

Day Night Blinds

Very decorative, and at the same time functional day and night blinds consist of transparent and blackout stripes. Putting two layers of fabric on top of each other and shifting them in relation to each other gives a number of options for adjusting the degree of sunlight or darkening the room.

This is the latest offer among decorative window covers, which is gaining more and more popularity among customers. This innovative blind, also known as zebra or duo, allows you to precisely regulate the diffusion of light in the room, from full exposure to darkness. This is due to the use of a double layer of material, which gives an effect similar to that of horizontal blinds. By appropriately positioning the material with the blind lowered, you can see the views outside. Windows equipped with "day and night" create a unique character of the entire interior.

Style, elegance and a unique play of light are our "day and night" roller blind in short.

External Blinds

Roller shutters- Thanks to broad colour range, they are an ideal decorative element, matching the buildings design.

Elements from a high quality aluminium sheet metal have an increased resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. The well-thought-out construction of the roller shutters and good selection of materials ensure effective protection against unwelcome guests.

Furthermore, they help make buildings sound proof and better insulated. Lowering temperature in summer time and costs of heating during colder seasons.

Using the independent Moskito system allows for a free interior while allowing in daylight and air.

Blind control can be done manually or by electric drive.

Foto Blinds

Printed blinds

Original and avant-garde solution for every window.

The combination of classical blinds with print creates new opportunities to arrange any interior.

You alone can decide what will be on your blind. We also printed from the pictures.